Colours of Georgian food.
Georgia inspire beetloaves*.

Georgian cuisine in Soviet Union was always viewed as something like French cooking in Western Europe. Or perhaps more like Tuskan leaning Italian actually. Sophisticated, exquisite, generous. Both hugely desired and, well, envied. I find it quite curious that these

Marrow caviar ‘as we remember it’.

Making marrow caviar.

This ‘caviar’ used to be amongst the only products always available in the good old days of Soviet Union. So more-ish nevertheless. When I was little I could never understand why the mixture is dark red/brown! Long stewing, addition of

6 March 2015, Kensington church st

Gals, spring and cabbage flowers.

A dinner in celebration of gorgeous gals, the arrival of spring…and cabbage flowers!

In Russia, what’s simply known as ‘the 8th of March’ is unofficial, but biiiig!

It's the one day a year that rolls Valentines and Mother’s day into one female celebrating feast! Read more ›


17 March 2015, Pushkin House

Uninvented history of Soviet cuisine.

We are continuing our 'Russia through its belly' talks with Olga and Pavel Syutkin: historians, cookery specialists and a bit of celebrities in Moscow.

The couple have been the pioneers of a simple principle: to give an objective overview of Russian culinary achievements; to move away from praising 'kasha, blini and shchi' towards the 'true' history of Russian gastronomy.

NB: the talk will be in Russian.
Read more ›



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