Borsch in a pie by Russian Revels
*That* Borsch-in-a-pie.

There is a little story about the birth of this pie – now, frankly, legendary (says Katrina!) on all Russian Revels events. When Karina’s mum used to make Borscht (or borsch?? ahh)  she first sautéed the beetroot with the vegetables

Marrow caviar ‘as we remember it’.

Making marrow caviar.

This ‘caviar’ used to be amongst the only products always available in the good old days of Soviet Union. So more-ish nevertheless. When I was little I could never understand why the mixture is dark red/brown! Long stewing, addition of

26-28 September 2014, Southbank Centre Square

Dacha PopUp at Southbank

We are showing London a glimpse of Russia and Eastern Europe you wouldn’t see on TV.

We are bringing together local artisans whose Slavic fare will surprise and charm Londoners.

Come, eat, drink and debate. Follow the link to find out more and claim your free welcome drink. Read more ›



  • Anna Karenina Dinner
  • Dacha at Last Tuesday
  • Cosmonaut Party
  • Futuristic Dinner
  • Secret Soviet Dinner
  • The Mingling Club

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About Russian Revels

Russian Revels are two charming revolutionaries transforming the image of Eastern-Europe in London, bringing together chic dining, story-telling and immersive theatre... Read more ›


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