Easter promises, Mary Berry n ‘those’ eggs.

March 29th, 2016Russian Revels

Mary Berry and Karina
Amongst all church-related holidays in the Soviet Russia, Easter was the most resilient and remembered as all the others were prohibited and hence forgotten.

Christmas day had gone into oblivion; we couldn’t even remember, when asked, what had been served for Christmas lunch but Easter held its fort.
Therefore when the proposition to be involved in BBC two-part program about Easter celebrations came our way we were enthused!

Moreover the presenter for the show was no more, no less a legendary person in a foodie world – Mary Berry. So – no pressure!

The interest was there and the opportunity was presented – we couldn’t miss it.

Filming had to start way before Easter (this year Orthodox Easter is much later than the Western one). I had to polish my Kulich making skills.

Challenges presented themselves straight away with finding the right baking ware and browsing for the right ingredients-good live yeast is important. After a few Skype conversations with my auntie in Moscow who is an expert in Kulich creations I was absolutely convinced that my trip to Moscow is imminent to apparently absorb some Russian air before embarking on this mammoth task!

There were a few trials. Finally I was pleased with the result and ready for action.

Proudly baked and decorated with Paskha, almond crown and nested chocolate eggs, Kulich was adorning my kitchen table ready to be assessed by The Queen of Baking.

Mary had a bite and my heart skipped a beat…

She looked at me and gave me an approving smile:

Light as a feather

The appraisal was more than enough.

PS we are running a pop up feast inspired by Russian Easter traditions 7 May in Little Venice. More info and tix are here