Past events
Sekretutka at the HQ.

The Spies Came In From The Cold...Mar 2014

1959. London. The Cold War is at its peak. You are a spy in training. You receive an envelope summoning you to come for a briefing at HQ. There you will be trained how to pass as a citizen - Soviet or American, you won't know till then - how to handle your drink and give a proper toast are just as important as good morals…
Mechanical doll and her nutcracker.

The Nutcracker: Fairytale dinner, Jan 2014

On the Old Christmas Eve Clara and her brother are eagerly awaiting family festivities. As their Godpapa Drosselmeier – the ‘Stirrer’ - arrives with a heap of toys, the ugly and charismatic nutcracker pops his head. Ah! The boy accidently breaks the toy, and the night starts to unravel beyond their dreams…
Luring in with pirozhki.

Baba Yaga at the Last Tuesday Society, Oct 2013

Baba Yaga, who lives in her hut on chicken feet, lures passer bys in with her delectable goodies..and leaves little behind.
Behind the thick red curtain lies the world of Aladin-like luxury...(pic by Natasha Nestman)

1920s Secret Soviet Dinner @ Kitchen Party, May 2013

The year of 1924. Moscow. Behind the austere front of empty shelves, there is a shadow system of Aladdin-like luxury provisions and semi-legal underground restaurants. But to get in, you’ll first have to deal with some of its larger-than-life characters: from shifty dealers wearing lacquered shoes to ethereal komsomolka girls and proletarian poets…
Cocktail sausages mascarading as capsules

Futurist banquet @ The Pushkin House, Nov 2012

Shocking, provocative, political and artful, the first form of art for the masses - the Futurist movement originated in pre-Fascismo Italy and spread all the way to not-quite-communist Russia in the early 20th century.
Feeding the goulash

Karamazov Brothers at the Last Tuesday Society, October 2012

What began then was almost an orgy, a feast of feasts. Drinking and dancing. The girls who gathered were the same as then; the Jews with fiddles and zithers arrive, and finally the long awaited troika with its cart full of wine and provisions.
Mari Vanna restaurant

Anna Karenina feast at Mari Vanna, October 2012

An epicurean evocation of nineteenth-century Russian high society... inspiration from the fashionable Russo-French cuisine of the time, rather than … babushka-style cooking. TimeOut
Baltic truffles a la Coco

The Mingling Club on Adams Street, Sep 2012

Nibbles inspired by Coco and the world of Paris head over heals with all things Russian in the early 20th century. Taste our cigarettes of vine leaves and buckwheat, crostini with black and white mushroom julienne, white pearls of curd cheese truffles...
The main course

Global Feast with Ms Marmite, August 2012

They had golden gherkins, pink eggs, drunken cherries and a girl on the table. The tallest, apparently, table in the world.
Table decorations 03

Soviet Chic Dinner at the Goethe Institute, August 2012

“updated and adapted [Russian recipes] to give a chic contemporary feel. Russian food could in fact be fun, delicious and sexy! ” Lost Art of Eating
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