Munching Comrades


We created Russian Revels at the end of 2011 with an aim to transform the image of Eastern-Europe in London. Oh, from BBC (with Mary Berry!), to V&A, To Pushkin House and Time Out, we’ve stirred the pot!  5 years on we would like to pause, to ponder, to re-fresh and so Russian Revels we are no more.

We are still K & K. Still best friends, still cooking  food inspired by our roots from the ‘New East’.

We are still open for private functions and collaborations and if you’d like to hear when we decide to ‘re-open’ ourselves, please drop us a line mail {at}

As we always say, food never feeds the belly alone…


Katya is a food anthropologist with roots in Soviet Estonia and Southern Ukraine/Crimea. She has a healthy appreciation of all things fat-related – lardo, bone marrow, beef dripping – and a love for a story, with and in your food.

She is a freelance food writer, having written for Gastronomica, Olive, Time Out, Easyjet, etc, and works for the Soil Association.

Katrina started an underground Russian restaurant in her North London home in early 2011. Now inflicting the joys on the wider audiences.


KARINA has published ‘Russia on a Plate’, a book about Russian way of life through food with recipes inspired by childhood memories and ingredients from around ex-Soviet Union.

She loves food – eating it or feeding others – and is always hungry for new projects as long as both food and Russia feature strongly.

Karina also has a peculiar love for mayonnaise; be it value, gourmet, or home-made. Emulsified eggs with oil is the spice of life.

About Russian Revels