Salo (pork fat) pizza.

November 12th, 2011Katrina K

Pizza with pure pork fat as its main topping is unlikely to appear on your Pizza Express menu, granted.

Pizza with Ukrainian cured pork fat – salo – is even less likely. But the combination makes a lot more sense that may first appear.

Pizza with salo.

I mean, you cannot be surprised that the idea of using pork fat has occurred to me.

Salo after all is, what would they call it….my second identity, should really be my nom de plume. Me and salo – we get along. I admire it, Russian would say leleyu, treasure it;  its down-to-earthiness, its ability to appear both as a valued (Ukrainian!) national product and a down right obscenity*..

And I know a thing or two about pork fat by now.

Having spent a healthy month of travelling around Ukraine this summer, foraging for different salos – from Lviv extraordinary, uber-trendy salo museum to wholesome Slow Food producers.

I even attempted curing salo myself.

Ukrainian salo. and pizza - amazing.

And then Italians would not even raise a thick, bushy brow to an idea of putting long straps of pork fat – what they like calling Lardo – onto a hot little pizza.

Imagine good quality salami slices doused liberally in olive oil – this is how warmed up, almost melted layers of salo on hot little pizza taste. The savouriness and saltyness of a piggy’s good life on warm, yeasty bread….an ultimate male/female combination; the yin and yan of food combos; the salty and sweet; the angry melting into softness. The ultatime trashy porn film from the 70s (the ones I have watched lots of, of course!).




Anyhow, you need to highlight pork on pizza with other, slightly shaper, but not too strong flavours.

Spinach, sorrel, kale would work . Obviously tomatoes (here I’ve made a tomato sauce with slowly caramelised onions). I also roasted garlic and then squeezed the hell out of it onto the pizza dough before putting the sauce on top.

Don’t overdo on cheese. in fact, you don’t need any, any pork fat will give you that melting, savoury flavour and texture anyway.

Salo pizza – fusion food par excellence?



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