Russian Revels invite: The *Old* New Year’s Eve

November 28th, 2011Katrina K

Russians manage to mark two New Year’s Eves each year – any excuse for a tipple, they say! One with the rest of the globe on 1 January, but the other is two weeks later…

Old New Year’s Eve is the most decadent, indeed “tipsy-turvy” Russian celebration of all.

Celebrating Soviet New Year's eve - well, this is a modest version...

Yours truly and Russia on a plate – now together aka Russian Revels – are joining forces to take  Soviet-Russian dinners to bigger, even more fabulous places.

We invite you to gather your revolutionary spirits at the inaugural feast dedicated to the Old New Year’s eve on Saturday 14 January at 7.30pm in a secret (but central) location in London.

Peerhaps a table like this...

Think Tsarist Russia. Think glittering gold, crystal, and candles.

Think princely fare from days gone by, such a:

a Royal Kulebiaka pie

tiny plates of our favourite zakuski

(little hors d’œuvre  traditionally consumed with very cold vodka)

Or like this: Royal eggs in gold and crystal (photo by

the exuberant original recipe for Olivier salad – full of meats, pickles and that 19th century invention, mayonnaise

Not quite like this, but still - Most expensive Sunday (Price: $1,000 Ingredients: vanilla bean ice-cream, edible gold leaf, chocolate sauce, exotic candied fruits, gold drageés, truffles etc).

 as well as little ‘bourgeois’ grouse birds

and to finish off maybe a slice of fabulous Napoleon or mille-feuille cake served with a cup of Russian tea from the samovar.

But there is more…

The night of New Year’s Eve calls for fortune telling, card-playing, and perhaps a bit of hide-and-seek. For those willing, a prediction of your future groom or bride…

All for a kind donation of £40 which will include an 8 course dinner, a welcome vodka drink , generous offering of alcohol, and entertainment.

Only 24 places are available. First come, first served – we are strict.

To reserve a place please email us RussianBrunchclub {at}

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  1. Maria says:

    Please email me if you still have availability for 15-20 people on Sat, 14th Jan 2012. Thank you


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