Run-away kolobok doughnuts!

May 7th, 2014Russian Revels

Round, golden, doughy and moorishly addictive KOLOBKI rolled out to our table from a Russian Fairytale.

The original recipe version of Kolobok was quite frugal. An old woman, Babka, in those days any woman over 50 was rated as old, was scraping every corner in the house to get a handful of flour (most likely a combination of pretty coarse ones; rye, buckwheat, oat), to make a nice little treat for her and her husband.

Despite all the frugalities Kolobok was quite a tasty little thing.

Not only was Kolobok in the fairytale delicious and he knew it too!

'Kolobok is running away from the chase'

‘Kolobok is running away from the chase’

He started his adventures to avoid being eaten by Babka and Dedka and ironically ended up being swallowed by a Fox.

This sad but a VERY TRUE story was told and retold to children by many Russian parents as a warning sign – not to run away.
But how many Mums have actually tried to make those lovely rebellious creatures?

In fact, not many. Although doughnuts ( Ponchiki), creations very much akin to the above mentioned Kolobok, are widely  seen on the menus.

Our Russian Fairytales event gave me an incentive to try out these forgotten delights. A little tweaking of several recipes combined was needed to get the result I wanted…
Here is one for you made with Quark cheese.

If you decide to make Kolobki please keep a good eye on them.

…They have a tendency to run away!

Kolobok doughnuts.

Kolobok doughnuts.

Run-away kolobok doughnuts.

What you will need:

  • 100g Quark Cheese (search for full-fat version or buy tvorog from Russian shops)
  • 1,5 tbsp caster sugar
  • ½ tsp soda with a squeeze of lemon
  • (lemon gets rid of strong soda taste)
  • 1 large egg
  • about 2 cups of self raising flour, sieved
  • ½ tsp cinnamon

What to do

  1. Mix Quark cheese with an egg, soda with lemon and sugar. I give it a good whisk with hand whisk.
  2. Then start folding in flour. You need to add enough flour so you can easily form little Kolobki but not too dense ( size of a walnut).
  3. Heat frying oil an a saucepan (if you don’t have a fryer)
  4. While frying them keep the heat on medium. If it’s too hot they will burn from outside but stay uncooked inside.
  5. Place your little treasures on a plate and dust with icing sugar or roll in caster sugar.
  6. Enjoy before they disappear!