Next Russian brunclub – it’s all about the pie…

October 17th, 2011Katrina K

‘[The pie] should be appetising, shameless in its nakedness, a temptation to sin’.

Anton Chekhov


If you thought that the Brits had a monopoly on loving the pie, or that pies can only be homely – I invite to re-think at my next Russian Brunch club. Seriously.

From Soviet ‘toshnotiki’ sold by solemn ladies, wrapped up in woolly, grey shawls in railway stations for 6 kopecks; to the most glorious and extravagant layered Kulebyaka – Russian pie is legitimately the window into that mysterious Russian soul…

When: Sunday, 4 December 2011, from noon till 4pm

Where: secret location in North London, to be revealed after booking

How much: a kind donation of £25 (this includes a 5-6 course meal and alcohol to get you going)

Menu ideas:

(these are just some of the current ideas)

a tumbler of home-flavoured vodka with a ‘toshnotik’


Ukha with rastegai

(Russian ultimate clear fish soup with open-top pies)


The tzarina of pies – four-cornered Kulebyaka


Apple Sharlotka

(A brainchild of French chef Careme in honour of Tsar Alexander 1)


Black Russian tea served from samovar, with mini vatrushki (curd cheese pies)

Russian samovar with bubliki.

‘The four-cornered kulebayka [has one corner] with sturgeion cheeks, another with brains and something else, you know, something nice, baked intil ‘crumbly and soaked with juice, so that you don’t even feel it in your mouth, so that it just melts like snow…’

Gogol ‘The Dead souls’

Email me on RussianBrunchClub{at} to book a place.


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